Surviving BA(hon) English

January 23, 2010

We are a group of students of literature (from the University of Delhi, India), tortured and traumatized by the English canon. The aim of this blog is to ensure that nobody ever gets similarly subjugated and distressed by colonial relics such as Dryden, Pope, Sydney and Spencer, who people our nightmares the night before examinations or submission deadlines.

On the brighter side, this is also a forum where interesting and redeeming texts such as Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Toba Tek Singh and others in that league could be collectively better appreciated and reinvented.

This also hopes to act as an impetus to the academic production among students by facilitating a sharing of ideas and insights. Students together end up producing mountains of critical work on and around texts as assignments, driven by the fascist dictates of internal assessment. Its a shame that most of this never gets read by any body apart from the teacher evaluating the scripts. Imagine such humongous waste of ingenious ideas and critical insights which otherwise could have been collectively developed and creatively used by students all over.

We request all to contribute whatever assignments, notes and critical material that they feel might be relevant to the fulfillment of the objectives mentioned above at . It is requested that no names be put in the documents.

STATUTORY WARNING:There are serious copyleft issues involved. Any attempts at claiming or crediting authorship would be in blatant violation of all codes of creative sharing that this collective upholds, and the defaulter would be seen as a tacit collaborator and upholder of the Gradgrind school of thought.

We now welcome all, those still struggling and the survivors alike.


17 Responses to “Surviving BA(hon) English”

  1. astha Says:

    please help me with this question.
    Examine Halfway house as a play about the 20th century urban Indian woman’s frustations and desires in a society in transition.

  2. Jonny Bully Says:

    Heroic website. Invaluable. Thank you.

  3. kinshu Says:

    you guys are GOD!!
    I am glad i found this page!

  4. Could you please provide the text and notes on “The Ghagra in Spate” by K.N. Daruwalla?

  5. DEVIKA Says:

    you guys are awesome !!! thanks a tonne for the material on lit theory !!

    if i pass im seriously popularizing your blog !!! thanks a tonne !

  6. shagun Says:

    Great Job..sharing the misery 😉

  7. A thoughtful critique to the blog’s stand on canon, which we agree with
    “I deeply annoyed by this hatred for the English canon. I think it can be taught imaginatively and intelligently and historically and with great effects on the political consciousness of students. That people don’t do it is sad. That students don’t bother to read on the background themselves is even sadder.”

  8. Neharika Says:

    I dedicate my Lit paper to you guys!!! I’m actually smiling for the first time since my exams started 😛
    God bless you kids!!!!!
    aaaaahhhh awesome!!

  9. cheshta Says:

    you ppl r just amazing 🙂

    Also could u put up some reference material for wife of bath’s tale and prologue- chaucer and duchess of malfi- webster?

  10. Sifat Says:

    Can i please get some material on The Murder of Roger Ackyord ?

  11. ai-spie Says:

    it’s good to see so many dear students consulting this site. and finding a great grand short cut to cheating – because it’s all on the same page!
    Glad because every single essay used liberally and without acknowledgement from here gets invariably found out and penalised.
    So sad, no?

  12. suhana Says:

    any notes on the popular fiction paper?

  13. Manveen Says:

    I found your website few years ago and was absolutely delighted!
    I did read all of your articles/projects and drew inspiration and ideas from it. But when I saw the post that you’re shutting this website, it didn’t feel good.

    Also, I do have some projects and ideas that I worked on in my college. Can I submit it still?

  14. ariga Says:

    I have a paper on Women and their position in Aphra Behn’s The Rover. Anyone interested?How do I send ir in?

  15. khushi Says:

    M in final year cousre from sol….guys m nt getting nythnh….except ghost…miss julie n other plays….plz help me out how to prepare for examination…plzzz help me yr

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