Goodbye Unless…………………

November 22, 2012

Dear fellow survivors and those who are still struggling,

Its been a pleasure to see this blog being used by so many people across the world, from the Virgin Islands to Madagascar. It is also enthusing to see that a lot of people have found the articles helpful, particularly in times of pre-examination or submission distress. 

Yet, it has also been the source of much disappointment as the blog doesn’t seem to have triggered much sharing of ideas and opinions among students thinking and writing independently and has instead done exactly the reverse and given people an easy option out of doing independent research.

Given that this was by no means the purpose of the blog and that there are hardly any new works being contributed to the set of essays already uploaded, leading the blog to stagnate. We are extremely sorry to announce that we might pull this blog off the web in a weeks time unless there are some new contributions. So for the last time, do send in any original essays, articles and assignments that you may have pertaining to literature, culture, textual politics at 

Sorry for sounding so uptight! It hurts us mortally to sound like stern anti-plagiarism sticklers for academic originality, but such is life! 




6 Responses to “Goodbye Unless…………………”

  1. ella jessel Says:

    Hey Guys,

    For the record, i think the blog is a really good idea. A reason I would not have contributed is my work often feels too ‘university’, as I am still learning, if you know what I mean. perhaps others felt like this too.

    Hope its stays but understand your reasons!


    Ella (2nd year english student)

  2. Purvi Gupta Says:

    Sometime back i was just finding worthy material (if i may say so) for some of my projects which i was given in college.. i was searching google like mad and then i found survivingbaenglish.. the essays in this blog rule!!! i read a lot of them and i so regret not finding it in the first year and second year.. and now that i intend to reading more . you are shutting it down.. not fair!! 😦

  3. braindeadmusings Says:

    Good fellows,

    Don’t close down. There are still people left to contribute. People who have just discovered this treasure trove. Keep in on for another month or so, and I promise to get material.

    I understand that more than being a forum for students to discuss ideas and all things literature this place has become an “assignment junction”, but still wait for a while.

    Yours wistfully,

  4. Shruti Says:

    Coming up with posts soon, don’t ever close this page down, please don’t!

  5. Kritika Dua Says:

    don’t shut down this blog.its extremely helpful

  6. please dont close the blog…it has been extremely helful to us… the best of essays i have got out of it…!
    a humble request, please continue with it… dont close

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